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Kahani shifted to her other foot, hand on her hip, listening intently to the dryad's request. It was strange, being up this close to the tiny delicate 4 legged waif after having just returned from battling the tall and mighty centaur. These were creatures clearly designed to slip into the forests, quietly vanishing into their havens. As much fawns as the centaur were warhorses. She found them beautiful and intriguing, but was sure not to be distracted by the novelty of actually speaking to one and carefully took in her words. She'd been looking to contact the Cenarion Circle, as she'd heard good things throughout Thunderbluff of the Druid faction. She trusted the Druids... respected and admired them. And though the very neutral stance of the Cenarion Circle was a bit daunting - allying themselves even with the Night Elves- she was looking to ally the Wildlife Warriors with them and aid them in their cause. It was growing more and more clear that the Venture Company was only one small piece of the puzzle... a great many dark and powerful things threatened Azeroth. It was time she and her Warriors took them all under consideration.

Like so many things, it was a careful balancing act. To dwell on all that needed to be done was counterproductive. It would only slow them down. But to take on whatever they could.. step in where they were needed and could be put to use... that would do. Every little bit helped. The Venture Company, the Silithid invasion, the Burning Blade... they would all come down. But alliances were needed. The forces of Azeroth were strong... so long as they were united. Kahani realized this, and tried to take it to heart.

Bindi gave a gutteral growl and swung her head and tail, causing a couple of the dryad's companions to prance nervously in place at the sudden reminder of the great white croc's presence. Kahani couldn't restrain a proud wicked grin, and pulled a bit of unidenitifiable meat out of a pack specially reserved for food, and tossed the croc a chunk. Bindi snapped it up happily, swallowing it whole, and the vegetarian dryads looked... a bit greener than usual. Kahani stroked the top of the beautiful reptile's head with one foot, and shook her head gesturing for the leader to continue.

The meeting concluded shortly after. She hadn't gained their confidence yet, but that would come with time. They hadn't gained hers either. But it was a start.

So much to do. The Huntress whistled for her other favorite reptile, Pavani, who came trotting over and Kahani swung up upon the emerald back of the raptor. She growled softly, and the mount leapt off obediently toward the shore and nearby Troll village. Time to have a meal of her own and think... And what better way to pass thinking time then by the mighty ocean, fishing, not far off from the tribal songs of her people. Well... nearly her people. They weren't Darkspear, but they would do. She dismounted a ways off from the dock and took a seat on the rocks, baiting the line and casting.

Didn't seem like all that long ago, she would sit by the ocean with a simple wooden fishingpole with no deeper thought then what she would catch or what creatures she might see... maybe collect a pet crab. So much had happened since she was no taller than a Blood Elfie. Responsibility had changed so much... her parents didn't know if they should be proud or angry. Falling in love with the Tauren philosophies... in love with a Tauren, no less... studying with the Druids, starting a guild in Thunderbluff...choosing not to follow the family tradition of priesthood... But she was still a Troll. A proud Troll, who loved her people and her culture powerfully. Leapingwater was her other half, the half of her soul that was Tauren. But Kahani... she was the half of Leapingwater's soul that was pure Darkspear.

So much to do... She'd never in her life wished to become a politician, but look at her now... raising funds, being a diplomat... Kahani spit on the ground next to her and pulled off a chunk of fish to chew on. ( If it needs cookin, it ain't worth eatin her Gran used to say). The Head Huntress considered all her heavy responsibilities, and that damned leatherworking apprenticeship to boot. Worth the effort though... that skill would help both her own Warriors and raising funds to assist her Warriors in other ways. Well worth the effort. And she would make Tribal wear that would make her family proud. She sighed. Lots to do.

Bindi let out a gutteral growl and started knocking around the food sack next to Kahani with her snout. Hey! She laughed. Whatcha think you be doin! You still hungry? She offered the rest of her fish to the crimson eyed beast. Tsk! You're better behaved then dat, Bindi, you know better. Atta girl, you leave that bag alone... It has been a long day tho, ain't it girl? All dat travelin... On that note, she tossed Pavani a few nice chunks of meat as well. The raptor caught them in mid air, and chomped away though mostly swallowed them whole. All dat fightin... It be worth it. We gonna make a difference, yeah? Or die tryin, eh kids... She smiled foldly at the reptiles... her most immediate family... You done good today. Real good. You do me proud. All my Warriors do me proud, eh? Full of surprises...

She leaned back on the rock, lazily slowly reeling the line to help it look like the bait was moving on it's own through the water... more enticing to the fish that way. I can't do too much for any of ya. Worth every drop o sweat. She chuckled happily and let her eyes lid, half a mind to take a nap right there. Everyting is.



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