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Some OOC announcements!

1) Firstly, welcome to our new members! Someday you can say you got in on the ground floor. ;)

2) I need to know who has Officer ambitions and who doesn't. If you want to specializing in something and move up in the guild, you can earn Alpha positions with helpful behavior, fun/creative RP, and financial donations. The Wrangler position I'm actually going to make available by nominations. If somebody strikes you as particularly helpful and good with people, write Kahani and tell her why you think they'd make a good Wrangler. If enough people nominate the person, then Kahani will offer the position to them. If you're interested in being a Talent Scout, send Kahani a copy of the macros you would be using to recruit and for the IC interviews so she can approve you. We might be adding a "waiting" position below Greenhorn for newbies that haven't spoken with the Head Huntress yet. Only she has the ability to remove anyone.

Even if you don't want Officer type responsibilities, you can earn access to officer chat and other bonuses, and even a custom title!

3) I think most everyone's joined and gotten the hang of our new OOC chat. If not, it's /join wlwOOC And that's l as in Life in the middle there, not an i. We don't need brackets anymore for OOC, and all chat that is not in character will be directed to wlwOOC. Nice and convenient!

4) I'd also like for those of you without a livejournal, or who'd rather keep their personal LJ separate, to make a free account here using the name of your Character, or the closest available. That way you'll be able to ask questions here and communicate even when we're not all on at the same time. You can post items you're looking for, quests you need help with, etc and so on! As well as guild suggestions, or even IC journal entries. Tons of possibility! You'll also have access to locked entries, that may be about possible raids, secret meetings, or stories written by guild members they don't want anyone else to see.

5) W e really need donations. We have the tabards now (hope you guys love it!) but aside from one donation of 45s, the rest came out of Kahani's pocket as has everything else. Kahani is not a rich woman, and if you guys want help in the future with affording your mounts, getting younglings tabards, and helping you out with gear and so forth... you need to contribute now towards that. Whatever you can spare, please send to Alpha Bank Nandini. 1 out of every 10 silver, 2 out of every 20, 1 out of every 12 gold, whatever works out best for you. This not an order, but a plea because I really want the guild to be able to help you as you advance. When I try to do it by myself, Kahani can't afford gear to keep her alive to keep earning for the guild and it becomes a vicious cycle. This is for you, guys.

I thrive on feedback, and so does the guild. Let's make this a guild we can all be proud of! If you have any questions, you know how ta reach me!


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