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WoW Wildlife Warriors

For the Horde & Azeroth!

World of Warcraft Wildlife Warriors
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If you be here, you're either a member or tinkin ta join da noble Wildlife Warriors guild within da mighty Horde of Azeroth.

I be your guild leader, Kahani da Troll Huntress. I started dis guild as a lover of nature, wantin ta protect and preserve all da beauty and natural balance. Da Darkspear Tribe are survivors, an we appreciate all we have left. Welcome to dis guild is anyone grateful for what dey got, and who wanna protect da great provider, dis world and her creatures, from filth like da Venture Company, da Scourge, da Silithids, da Leigon and da arrogant Alliance. Da Shamans an da Druids know best what I be talkin bout. Azeroth be hurtin. Da animals we love an depend on ta live be hurtin. We're here ta put tings right again.

We call upon ye to protect the lands, the waters, an all the livin tings dat depend on both. We cannot live on magic alone, da Wretched of da Blood Elves've shown us dat. Dere be a lot of work to do, defendin da Earthmother as da Tauren call 'er from da likes of da Venture Company, da Silithid Swarms, an much darker more powerful forces as well. Wit da forces an power of nature at our back, we can't fail!

Now, while dis be our priority an true goal, we realize dat in order ta do what we need ta do we need ta be powerful, we need ta help each other. We need money, and ta keep in good graces with da noble Thrall an his mighty Horde. So we be doin all we can ta help each other. Shamans who need der totems, we be helpin ya quest for em! Hunters who need da right pet for you, we be helpin ya find an tame your new best friend. Druids, we wanna help yer people remove da taints from da land. We welcome all classes who be interested in our cause.

Here, scribed in rock, are da rules you must abide by as members of dis guild, and requirements ya must meet ta join!

((The rest of the page is Out Of Character- OOC.))

1) This is a medium RP guild. All OOC comments will be on two seperate chats, /join WLWOOC for voice and /join WLWOOCtxt for text chat. The regular guild chat is all in character. The WLW style of RP is simply to play the game as our characters would. Same goals - leveling, questing, raiding - but with the extra spice of doing it as our characters. In Character names are a big plus, thinly veiled fandom names are fine but nothing like "Dudeyermom" or "Roflnoob" etc. Smilies are allowed on the IC chat, as they denote tone of voice where text can't. >;)

2) Mature players only, please. Immature characters are fine, but not immature players. Silliness and joking around are more than welcome, of course, but being an asshat, a whiner, or a griefer are not. "But my character is a jerk" does not excuse obnoxious behavior, because obviously IC Kahani won't be putting up with troublemakers and will demote or boot em out altogether. We also have a 0 tolerance policy for hate speech and harassment. Our goal is to create an fun and friendly atmosphere where people can enjoy their game.

3)We have no lvl or class requirements, although we do lean toward a nature/neutral theme. Our guild base is in Thunderbluff, which is where all the meetings take place, and the Cenarion Circle is held in great respect- although with a grain of salt when it comes to the Night Elves. As far as handling levels In Character, your level indicates your relative age and experience. This doesn't mean that your lvl 2 is two years old, but it does mean that the lvl 40s are your elders for example.

4) Item disputes are handled by rolling. Respect the dice's decision and move on.

5) Any posts in this community regarding raids, must be f-locked. IC postings should be in italics on the comm.

6) If you find a useful item you don't need, please check with the guild to see if anyone else needs it. You aren't obligated, but generosity is recognized and respected within the guild with titles and the favor being returned in the future. Donators will be recognized and posted about here in the community. Besides, what kinds of Wildlife Warriors would we be if we let things go to waste?

7) Speaking of donations, please contribute toward the guild! The more you contribute, the more the guild will be able to help you get things like good gear and mounts in the future.

8) Rules will change as needed and if new things come up. Kahani's word is law. Unless you wanna end up croc chow, or worse demoted, respect each other and the rules. If you have suggestions and imput, either IC or OOC, please feel free to post it here! Every guild thrives on feedback and communication!

Also, if you're new to RPing please visit this site for tips http://fullcircle.comicgenesis.com/characterdevelopment.htm