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Tabard Update

We're up ta 7 gold for da Tabard! Also, da colors are official- deep royal blue for da base color, an da border an crest da same shade of rich green. After lotsa experimenting, I tink dat works best. But we're still not sure on da crest itself. Our new Alpha Bank Nandini (don send her nothin yet, she's still gettin a bit situated) models the tabard possibilities for us here! I encourage ya to head down to da a guild master or tabard designer in one of da big cities and try em on yourself too before ya vote. We wanna be sure ta pick somethin that looks good on everybody, regardless o gender or race! Thunder Bluff has da best lighting fer tryin em on, in my opinion, jas as a tip.

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(dis snake one be tentative, it's shaped kinda weird on da slimmer gals)

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Mail Kahani wit yer vote when yer sure! Dere be some time, so no worries. I also wanna get more members in before we make it definite too, but da guild recruitment channel ain't workin for me fer some reason. Might be makin a Talent Scout member option, for da folks who wanna recruit but don haveta be officers. Lemme know if yer interested in dat too.


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