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Tabard ideas from da Head Huntress

Halfway to da goal of a Tabard design! Lemme hear a "Yah Mon!" Course, we still need ta Pick a design ta get when we get dere! There be time, but good ta plan tings out. I'm definitely tinkin earthy colors, obviously. Greens, Blues, Black, White... Brown is hard ta pull off tho, so I be tinkin a largely Green an Blue theme dere. I like da dark blue background, but da border and da crest ... I dunno. Green? White? Black? Whatta you guys tink? I definitely want green on one or da other.

Far as da crest, I know one ting... I wanna make it sometin animal. Wildlife be our handle, yeah? So sometin inspired by da wildlife. My faves so far in no particilar order...

Da Open Jaws
Da Angry Totem (not animal related, but still relevant I tink)
Da Two Headed Snake
Da Entwined Snakes
Da Paw designs
Da Turtle
Da Beehive (dere's some metaphor for ya!)

Dats what I got so far, lookin thru. Take a look fer yerself an see what ya tink! It'll look different on us o course, but ifn ya wanna see a real sample check in wit da tabard maker in Org or UC or sometin ta try on some examples.

In da meantime, tho I be grindin ta save up for dis, we can always use donations! Specially since I seem ta keep walkin inta sleep spell traps or sometin while out dere*.

Tho we be doin a lot in Orgimmar lately, our official home base be Thunder Bluff. Da noble Tauren Druids dere be welcomin us, an we be grateful fer dere wisdom an guidance. Dey also know more bout da nieve an stupid Night Elves dan even we Trolls, an how dey may seem ta have da same goals as us Wildlife Warriors dey can't be trusted one lick. Dey don't know what dey be doin an ignore what da Earthmother say in dere arrogance, screwin demselves over. Arrogant an full o demselves like all da Alliance. *spits*

A young Druid is on her way up ta TB ta help us out, an hang on ta guild property fer us. Materials fer professions, items ya don't want but tink someone else might, donations, what have ya. Anyting da guild be sharin, she'll be hangin onto fer us. She ain't quite ready yet, but when she settles in up in TB (like I say, she a youngin, but she a trustworthy mature youngin) I'll announce er name.

Rokhan has volunteered ta make potions fer guild members if ya bring em da mats! So send em a tell or a mail.

Also, I be makin some armor add ons fer you leather wearers! Free ta guild members o' course, whenever I have some medium leather in my hands. I been sellin what I make so far, to put toward da guild tabard, but once that's all settled I'll stockpile em fer you Greenhorns.

I wanna add dat under no circumstances do I wanna see no Wildlife Warriors hittin any harmless lil 1 lvl critters! Not da ones dat youngins need fer meat an skins, but da lil uns ya get nothin off of. You know da ones I mean. Da toads, da bunnies, da snakes... let em be. Da only exception is when ya see a sickly or diseased critter dat be sufferin. Put em out, for dere own sake. Da Barrens be full of sick Gazelles, fer example. A good whack oughta do it dere. I prolly don even need ta be tellin ya all dis, but I seen a lotta fellow Horde doin needless killin an I wanna make sure done of it be from my Warriors.

I tink dats it. Had a lot ta announce today. Any questions, you talk to or mail Kahani!

*My connection is really bad lately, we think it's an electrical problem. So when you see me pop in and out randomly, that's what it is. We're looking into it.



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