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Lots of changes being made!

The rules have been revised, including:

~ Doing away with the 1 month inactivity rule altogether. Stuff comes up, and that's fine. But please try to be active and involved anyway!

~ All members will now be able to recruit once they are above Greenhorn status.

~ The OOC chat is now two part, the voice chat is /join WLWOOC and for text it's now /join WLWOOCtxt

~ If you need a hand with a dungeon don't be afraid to ask the higher lvls

~ Your level indicates your IC relative age and experience. This doesn't mean your lvl 2 is 2 years old, but it does mean that the lvl 40s are your elders for example.

~ I'd like you to mail Nandini with your professions. This way, the bank knows what you can make/acquire and what items are useful to you to help you raise your skills.

These changes are just for starters, lots of revamping going on. Feel free to speak up and help mold the guild! Communication is everything.

Happy Hunting!


Also, we've set up a secondary/new guild site. This'll help us get more organized, I think. I'll edit up the bank bit of it soon.


Along with RSS feeds for the news and forum aspects


Oh well.

Well, the meeting was a bust, nobody showed, so we're going to try and reschedule. Maybe a Friday was a bad idea.

A Letter from da Huntress

You find a letter with the beehive crest pressed into the wax at the nearest mailbox, and upon unraveling it you find an official invitation written in the Head Huntress's hand.

"Wildlife Warrior,

Dis letter here is ta let you know we be havin a meeting in Thunderbluff in bout a week an a half. It'll take place in da evening under da sky out in front of my good friend Chief Bloodhoof's tent. We'll gather round da fire, make announcements, an get ta know our fellow guild mates better. If ya don't have a tabard, jas be lettin me know and we'll get dat taken care of.

Be prepared ta introduce yourself but don stress none about it, mon, we know you work hard an it will be a time to relax in addition to bein all official. Let me know if you be makin it or not, so I know what we need ta be prepared for or if we be needin ta pick another time. I look forward to seein ya there, my Warrior. You do me proud.

~Head Huntress Kahani"

((The current plan is for Friday the 21st around 5:30 pm Pacific time. Suggestions for activities are welcome!))

A quick OOC update

A little OOC reminder to the Guild of the 1 month inactivity rule! If you haven't played a character in a while, please check in on them asap!

Also, a heads up on how the Guild Bank is doing. We could definitely use more funds and bags, especially since everyone is lvling so nicely. We want to be able to help you out with mounts when the time comes. If you need anything from the bank, or think something there may look useful to you, please send Nandini an IC letter. Some items will be RP and gathering rewards down the road, and she will let you know if that's the case.

Happy Hunting, and keep up the good work!
Kahani shifted to her other foot, hand on her hip, listening intently to the dryad's request. It was strange, being up this close to the tiny delicate 4 legged waif after having just returned from battling the tall and mighty centaur. These were creatures clearly designed to slip into the forests, quietly vanishing into their havens. As much fawns as the centaur were warhorses. She found them beautiful and intriguing, but was sure not to be distracted by the novelty of actually speaking to one and carefully took in her words. She'd been looking to contact the Cenarion Circle, as she'd heard good things throughout Thunderbluff of the Druid faction. She trusted the Druids... respected and admired them. And though the very neutral stance of the Cenarion Circle was a bit daunting - allying themselves even with the Night Elves- she was looking to ally the Wildlife Warriors with them and aid them in their cause. It was growing more and more clear that the Venture Company was only one small piece of the puzzle... a great many dark and powerful things threatened Azeroth. It was time she and her Warriors took them all under consideration.

Like so many things, it was a careful balancing act. To dwell on all that needed to be done was counterproductive. It would only slow them down. But to take on whatever they could.. step in where they were needed and could be put to use... that would do. Every little bit helped. The Venture Company, the Silithid invasion, the Burning Blade... they would all come down. But alliances were needed. The forces of Azeroth were strong... so long as they were united. Kahani realized this, and tried to take it to heart.

Bindi gave a gutteral growl and swung her head and tail, causing a couple of the dryad's companions to prance nervously in place at the sudden reminder of the great white croc's presence. Kahani couldn't restrain a proud wicked grin, and pulled a bit of unidenitifiable meat out of a pack specially reserved for food, and tossed the croc a chunk. Bindi snapped it up happily, swallowing it whole, and the vegetarian dryads looked... a bit greener than usual. Kahani stroked the top of the beautiful reptile's head with one foot, and shook her head gesturing for the leader to continue.

The meeting concluded shortly after. She hadn't gained their confidence yet, but that would come with time. They hadn't gained hers either. But it was a start.

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I am a young hunter, not as experienced as some of my guildmates. But I know I have a strong companion in Ghostwalker, and what I've learned from my mentors has helped me much. I gained renown and my reputation grew in Silvermoon City, capital city of Quel'Thalas, my home. However, I've never truly felt at home there. It's a beautiful city, but a city it remains, made of stone and steel and held together by the magic of the Sin'Dorei. So I left and struck out on my own, accompanied by my lynx. I made the Ghostlands a temporary home, helped the Forsaken and my brethren there to drive back the Scourge, though it proved a difficult and largely fruitless task. I made a stop in Undercity, below the ruins of Lordaeron, but did not remain there long. Living underground is not to my liking, and I would rather sleep on the dirt than in a coffin.

So I set out to leave the Eastern Kingdoms altogether and traveled to Durotar, where I met with the local hunters and learned a lot from them. For all that Orgrimmar was less structured and mechanical than Silvermoon, it was still a city. And while the local Orcs and Trolls were courteous, or civilised at worst, they seemed to hold my people in contempt. I did not feel welcome.

Yet in my travels I heard of a new group that had formed beyond the Barrens, a group of hunters and shamans dedicated to restoring the land. Having seen the destruction of Quel'Thalas at the hands of the Scourge, and having fought so hard against the corruption they left behind on my homeland, it was something I felt kinship with. So I set out to seek Kahani, the leader of this group.

I know I still have to prove myself to be worthy of this group I've been welcomed into. My people are part of the Horde, but relations have not always been spectacular between us and the other races. I've moved my home to Thunder Bluff, and I feel more at home here than in any other city. The city rises towards the heavens, incoorporating the nature around it and within it. I know it will take a while for the Tauren to stop looking at me askance, but I'm patient.

I'm no friend of the Venture Co. and their activities. I crossed into the Stonetalon Mountains and found an Orc there who requested my aid in stopping the goblins from destroying the forest. It wasn't easy, but I killed six of them so far. In my hunt, I ran into a goblin in a little hut who asked my aid in stealing some plans for something he called 'Super Reaper 6000'. I didn't think that sounded so good, but I accepted the errand. I needed to see these blueprints for myself.

It wasn't hard to procure them, but when I asked the goblin what he planned to do with them he sputtered something about not understanding the plans. I couldn't say yea or nay, as I'm not versed in such things, but something about the goblin did not sit right with me. I did not give him the plans. I will not help the Venture Co. destroy more of the forests. If that makes me poor, so be it.

Some OOC announcements!

1) Firstly, welcome to our new members! Someday you can say you got in on the ground floor. ;)

2) I need to know who has Officer ambitions and who doesn't. If you want to specializing in something and move up in the guild, you can earn Alpha positions with helpful behavior, fun/creative RP, and financial donations. The Wrangler position I'm actually going to make available by nominations. If somebody strikes you as particularly helpful and good with people, write Kahani and tell her why you think they'd make a good Wrangler. If enough people nominate the person, then Kahani will offer the position to them. If you're interested in being a Talent Scout, send Kahani a copy of the macros you would be using to recruit and for the IC interviews so she can approve you. We might be adding a "waiting" position below Greenhorn for newbies that haven't spoken with the Head Huntress yet. Only she has the ability to remove anyone.

Even if you don't want Officer type responsibilities, you can earn access to officer chat and other bonuses, and even a custom title!

3) I think most everyone's joined and gotten the hang of our new OOC chat. If not, it's /join wlwOOC And that's l as in Life in the middle there, not an i. We don't need brackets anymore for OOC, and all chat that is not in character will be directed to wlwOOC. Nice and convenient!

4) I'd also like for those of you without a livejournal, or who'd rather keep their personal LJ separate, to make a free account here using the name of your Character, or the closest available. That way you'll be able to ask questions here and communicate even when we're not all on at the same time. You can post items you're looking for, quests you need help with, etc and so on! As well as guild suggestions, or even IC journal entries. Tons of possibility! You'll also have access to locked entries, that may be about possible raids, secret meetings, or stories written by guild members they don't want anyone else to see.

5) W e really need donations. We have the tabards now (hope you guys love it!) but aside from one donation of 45s, the rest came out of Kahani's pocket as has everything else. Kahani is not a rich woman, and if you guys want help in the future with affording your mounts, getting younglings tabards, and helping you out with gear and so forth... you need to contribute now towards that. Whatever you can spare, please send to Alpha Bank Nandini. 1 out of every 10 silver, 2 out of every 20, 1 out of every 12 gold, whatever works out best for you. This not an order, but a plea because I really want the guild to be able to help you as you advance. When I try to do it by myself, Kahani can't afford gear to keep her alive to keep earning for the guild and it becomes a vicious cycle. This is for you, guys.

I thrive on feedback, and so does the guild. Let's make this a guild we can all be proud of! If you have any questions, you know how ta reach me!

Tabard Update

We're up ta 7 gold for da Tabard! Also, da colors are official- deep royal blue for da base color, an da border an crest da same shade of rich green. After lotsa experimenting, I tink dat works best. But we're still not sure on da crest itself. Our new Alpha Bank Nandini (don send her nothin yet, she's still gettin a bit situated) models the tabard possibilities for us here! I encourage ya to head down to da a guild master or tabard designer in one of da big cities and try em on yourself too before ya vote. We wanna be sure ta pick somethin that looks good on everybody, regardless o gender or race! Thunder Bluff has da best lighting fer tryin em on, in my opinion, jas as a tip.

Nandini models da TabardsCollapse )

Mail Kahani wit yer vote when yer sure! Dere be some time, so no worries. I also wanna get more members in before we make it definite too, but da guild recruitment channel ain't workin for me fer some reason. Might be makin a Talent Scout member option, for da folks who wanna recruit but don haveta be officers. Lemme know if yer interested in dat too.

Tabard ideas from da Head Huntress

Halfway to da goal of a Tabard design! Lemme hear a "Yah Mon!" Course, we still need ta Pick a design ta get when we get dere! There be time, but good ta plan tings out. I'm definitely tinkin earthy colors, obviously. Greens, Blues, Black, White... Brown is hard ta pull off tho, so I be tinkin a largely Green an Blue theme dere. I like da dark blue background, but da border and da crest ... I dunno. Green? White? Black? Whatta you guys tink? I definitely want green on one or da other.

Far as da crest, I know one ting... I wanna make it sometin animal. Wildlife be our handle, yeah? So sometin inspired by da wildlife. My faves so far in no particilar order...

Da Open Jaws
Da Angry Totem (not animal related, but still relevant I tink)
Da Two Headed Snake
Da Entwined Snakes
Da Paw designs
Da Turtle
Da Beehive (dere's some metaphor for ya!)

Dats what I got so far, lookin thru. Take a look fer yerself an see what ya tink! It'll look different on us o course, but ifn ya wanna see a real sample check in wit da tabard maker in Org or UC or sometin ta try on some examples.

In da meantime, tho I be grindin ta save up for dis, we can always use donations! Specially since I seem ta keep walkin inta sleep spell traps or sometin while out dere*.

A few announcements.Collapse )

Rank plans so far.

Guild Master- Head Huntress Kahani

Officer Positions must be applied for IC, after the Guardian position has been earned. Also possible through recommendations by other Officers to Kahani, in which case she will offer the position and/or an interview.

Wrangler -Officers who specialize in organizing raids, helping Greenhorns, and are good with people in general.
Alpha (insert specialty here, regards to profession)

Member Positions All members can access the guild chat, loyalty is proven by helping out other members and abiding by the rules. Everyone starts as a Greenhorn and gets promoted based on generous, courageous, and positive behavior. Special custom ranks other than these may be offered for Guardians who don't want to be Officers but have proven themselves above and beyond their duties with donations, helping others, etc.

Guardian -Members with Officer chat privileges, earned by time and loyalty.

A member can be demoted down the ranks due to suspect, obnoxious, and otherwise asshat behavior. Officers may demote members on their own judgment, but only Kahani has the authority to boot someone out altogether, and that's generally voted on in a sort of trial.

The lowest rank is tentatively "Bad Egg". If somebody's causing strife and problems within the guild constantly can be demoted to Bad Egg, which is considered probation. Bad Eggs cannot talk on guild chat and need the support of their fellow guild members to get in good graces and move back up the ladder and avoid being booted altogether.



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